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Introducing Platypus
Report and bibliography for an attempt at reformulating the Marxian Left in Chicago in 2006
by Chris Cutrone
Originally published in AREA Chicago magazine #3, Summer/Fall 2006
(September 11, 2006)

[PDF]   [PDF booklet]   [PDF page spread]

"The Left is Dead! — Long Live the Left!"
Vicissitudes of historical consciousness and possibilities for emancipatory social politics today
by Chris Cutrone
(May 1, 2007)

[PDF leaflet]

[PDF all texts]   [PDF all texts booklet]

Organization, political action, history, and consciousness: on anarchism and Marxism
A response to Mayday magazine (UK) inaugural issue #1 (Winter 2007-08)
by Chris Cutrone
(January 15, 2008)

[PDF manuscript]

"Let the dead bury the dead!"Marxism vs. anarchism
Response to the Principia Dialectica (UK) leaflet commemorating May 1968
by Chris Cutrone
(May 13, 2008)

[PDF manuscript]


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